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Product Description

The AR15/M4 Gunsmithing Tool Kit comes in a black roll-up 36"x29" cleaning mat to keep everything in nice and orderly.
The heavy duty armorer’s wrench comes with various types of barrel nut, castle nut, muzzle brake, buffer tube wrenches and more. 

Complete Tool Kit includes:
Roll-up cleaning mat - 36" x 29"
Armorer’s wrench
Handguard removal tool
Front sight adjustment tool
Brass & Nylon Hammer
5/64" steel punch - Gas Tube Roll Pin
3/32" steel punch - Bolt Catch Roll Pin
1/8" steel punch - Trigger Guard Roll Pin
1/4" brass punch
5/16" brass punch
7.32" plastic punch
5/16" plastic punch
Nylon cleaning brush with
 broad and narrow bristles brush heads.

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