Yankee Hill Phantom 5.56mm Comp/Flash Hider - Toothed

Yankee Hill Phantom 5.56mm Comp/Flash Hider - Toothed

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Yankee Hill YHM-28-5C2

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Product Description

The popular Phantom Flash Suppressor has been redesigned to work as a muzzle compensator while maintaining the excellent flash hiding capabilities of its predecessor. This 5 port design has no downward facing port which helps eliminate dust problems when shooting in the prone position. The Phantom Suppressor keeps the aggressive front end used in hand to hand situations. For threaded barrels only. Includes crush washer.

For 1/2" - 28 threaded barrels only

Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc.
Installation Instructions for: Indexible Muzzle Accessories with a Crush Washer

Flash Hider: YHM-28-C1, YHM-28-C2, YHM-3080-5C1, YHM-3080-5C2
Comp/Brakes: YHM-28-5M1, YHM-28-5M2, YHM-80-5M1, YHM-80-5C2, YHM-26-MB-A, YHM-3085-MB-A, YHM-85-MB-A

ONLY a licensed gunsmith experienced with your model of firearm should install this product. Failure to install this product correctly voids any warranties of the product and removes any liabilities against the manufacturer. Be certain the firearm is unloaded, and the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction before starting this removal and installation process

1. Remove any existing muzzle attachment and clean the threads of your barrel.
2. Install the supplied crush washer making certain the small-protruded portion of the washer is contacting the flange surface of your barrel.
3. Hand-tighten your new muzzle accessory in place.
4. Using a 3/4 wrench, tighten the accessory at least 1/4 turn and continue to tighten until the middle exhaust port is on top dead center with your sight line.
5. Get to the range and enjoy.