AR-180 Scope Mount Weaver Style - S&K Scope Mounts


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AR-180 Scope Mount Weaver Style - S&K Scope Mounts
High quality Scope Mount for the AR-180. Made in the USA.

No drilling, tapping or major alteration.  Guaranteed to hold zero.  Can be removed and reinstalled easily. Requires 5/8" risers (not included).  Made in the USA of top grade military allan aircraft aluminum. Rings not included. Accepts weaver rings.

Installation instructions for the AR-180

1.        Place the scope mount base with the wide end of the dovetail toward the front (toward the muzzle) over the dovetail on the receiver.

2.        Slide the mount base forward until it stops. Tap it forward with a hardwood block or rubber mallet.

3.        Lock it by tightening the set screw.

4.        Put one U.N. riser block into each hole in the top of the base, making sure the holes in the riser blocks line up with the axes of bore.

5.        Tighten the four cone point set screws.

6.        Install the scope mounting rings according to the instructions found on the box, remembering that there is windage adjustment in each of the U.N. riser blocks.

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