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The AR-15 Charging Handle with Gen 2 Latch from GunTec USA is made from T6 6061 aluminum and crafted to Mil-Spec standards. It comes with Gen 2 Extended Latch.

A charging handle does as its name suggest, it charges or loads the weapon. By pulling on the charging handle, you pull the bolt carrier to the rear which opens the breech, ejects spent rounds, and cocks the hammer in one fluid motion. When the charging handle is released the bolt strips a round from the magazine and loads it into the chamber.

Since the AR-15 is an autoloader, it lacks a slide or a lever. By pulling on the charging handle, you can manipulate the action, racking it back, making it possible for you to manually cycle the action.

The Gen 2 Latch attached to the charging handle holds the handle in place on your weapon when it is not in use, this prevents the handle from getting in the way or being damaged.


T6 6061 Aluminum
Gen 2 Extended Latch
Right-hand only

Charging It: 3 Ways to Use Your Charging Handle

Pinch Me – Method is to pinch the charging handle with your support hand’s index finger on the latch with the thumb backing it up at the tail end of the handle. This method allows you to keep your strong hand on the fire controls.

Blade Runner—By pulling your palm back in a bladed fashion against the latch, you can ram the bolt carrier back without worrying about your fine motor skills, which is helpful in stressful situations. This is a caveman as it gets and it’s very effective. Just slam it back and you are good to go.

The Claw—Popular with old-school shooters. Your strong hand’s index and middle fingers grasp the front of the T-handle while your thumb rests on its backside. With your support hand grasping the rifle and a quick backstroke of the charging handle, the rifle is ready to go.

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