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GunTec USA 5.5FAKE-AR-9

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Product Description

AR-15 9mm 5.5" Fake Suppressor 1/2 x 36 Thread - Guntec

The AR-15 5.5" Fake Suppressor is for AR-15 chambered in 9mm. Made from T6 Aluminum with laser engraved military style markings. It can also function as a barrel shroud and has 1/2 x 36 Threading. It will extend the barrel 4.75".
NOTICE: This item is NOT a suppressor and is for appearance ONLY. The fake suppressor does NOT effect the sound of the rifle being discharged in any way.

Material: T6 Aluminum
Caliber: 9mm / 7.62x39
Thread: 1/2 x 36
Length: 5.5"
Extends Barrel: 4.75"

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