AK-47 75 Round Steel Drum Magazine - Red White & Blue

AK-47 75 Round Steel Drum Magazine - Red White & Blue

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Red White & Blue AK4775

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75 round steel drum magazine for the AK-47.

Instructions for loading AK-47 75 Round Steel Drum Magazine

Step  1 – Unlatch and open drum cover.  Make sure mainspring is not under tension and follower is up inside the tower.

Step 2 – Depress center button to release spring tension.

Step 3 – Rotate the feed wheel until the follower is positioned at approximately 2 o’clock direction.

Step 4 – Load the first 3 rounds into the outside snail track.

Step 5 – Apply counter clockwise pressure, pushing the first 3 rounds into the magazine tower.

Step 6 – Rotate the feed wheel clockwise until the follower is located at about 11 o’clock position(3rd track) and rotation stops.

Step 7 – Load all remaining 72 rounds in the drum by filling the snail track in between the feed paws.

Step 8 – Close the drum cover and lock the two latches.

Step 9 – Wind the mainspring clockwise about 3 rotations.  Do not over tighten the spring as this will cause wear or breaking to the main spring.

Warning:  The above procedure should only be used when loading the magazine to its full capacity.  If the user intends to load only a partial magazine, the magazine follower must be directly behind the last round.  If there is a gap between the follower and the last round, the drum may be damaged during firing.

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