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Advanced Technology ENF0041

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Product Description

Update your Enfield with a classic design. Many of the original stocks on these guns look old and worn due to rough treatment through the years. The Monte Carlo Stock gives your military style Enfield an updated sporting/hunting look and feel. 

Black, DuPont extreme temperature glass reinforced polymer - durable for life! Includes two sling swivel studs, raised cheek rest with 3M Soft Touch cheekrest pad for improved comfort when shooting and buttplate. Checkered pistol grip and forearm. 1" extended length. Manufactured in the USA. Mfg Limited Lifetime Warranty. Fits most .303/.308 No. 4, Mk 1, Mk 2, Mk 5. Note: some minor modification may be required . 

If rear sight is mounted on the barrel it is a No. 1
If rear sight is on top of receiver it is a No. 4

Will fit Canadian Long Branch Version as long as it is a 2-piece. Will not fit the 1-piece stocks.

Enfield Monte Carlo Stock No. 4 Mk 1/2/5

Stock Installation

Step 1: Disassemble the rifle using your owner’s manual. Begin by removing the magazine, barrel band, upper handguard, and the lower forearm-to-barrel attaching screw. Next, remove both screws from the trigger guard, and remove trigger guard. Lay the rifle on a work bench or table and carefully work the stock forearm upward and off the barreled action. Lift off and remove the upper rear handguard. Now, remove the buttstock by opening the trap door on the butt plate and loosen the attaching stock bolt until the buttstock can be completely removed.
Note: Some of the bolts may be extremely tight.

Step 2: Using a phillips head screwdriver remove the butt pad from the new ATI Monte Carlo Stock.
Install the new buttstock using the original rear attaching stock bolt. Tighten the bolt and secure new buttstock to the rifle.

Step 3: Next, using a phillips head screwdriver and the screws removed in step 2, reinstall the butt pad to the rear of the buttstock.

Step 4: Lay the rifle on a work bench or a table and work the new ATI Monte Carlo forearm over the barreled action. Do not fasten the forearm at this point.

Step 5: Align the barrel band with the hole in the forearm and use the original forearm screw to fasten the front of the forearm to the barrel band.

Step 6: Next, align the trigger guard back into place so the trigger is properly engaged with the sear.

Step 7: Align the original trigger guard rear screw with the trigger guard rear screw hole. Begin to thread the screw in place, but do not tighten all the way.
Note: Do not fully tighten the rear screw until you have aligned and tightened the trigger guard front screw.

Step 8: Insert the original trigger guard front screw and using a flat head screwdriver completely tighten the screw. Once the front screw is fastened, you can now go back and completely fasten the rear trigger guard screw.


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