1935 Chilean Mauser Scout Mount - Includes Rings - S&K Scope Mounts

1935 Chilean Mauser Scout Mount - Includes Rings - S&K Scope Mounts

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S&K Mounts CH65

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Fits 1935 Chilean. No drilling, tapping or major alteration. Guaranteed to hold zero. Can be removed and reinstalled easily. Includes 1" fully machined, horizontally split scope rings and is windage adjustable. Requires a long eye relief scope. Made in the USA of top-grade virgin metal.

Installation instructions for the CHILEAN MAUSER

Remove the rear sight from the gun by pushing the hinge pin out & then remove the flip up sight & spring. Slide the 10-32 special nut supplied with the mount into the slot where the spring was. It will slide under the ledge where the spring was. Slide the special nut flat side first all the way to the rear of the slot. 

Center the mount over the rear sight with the two 6-32 screw holes in the side toward the front of the gun. Lower the mount onto the rear sight area. Line the 6-32 tapped holes in the mount up with the holes in the side of the receiver. It is very important that these holes line up to keep from damaging the threads when the screws are installed. 

Install the two 6-32 x 5/16th socket head screws in these two holes. Snug them down but do not tighten. Insert the 10-32 x ¾ flat head screw into the mount & lightly tighten. Insert the 10-32 x ½ set screw into the top hole at the front of the mount & tighten. Re-tighten the flat head screw. You do not need the other 10-32 x 3/8 set screw for this mount.

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