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NcStar VT1911

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Weight: 1.00 pounds

Product Description

1911 Pro Tool for the Professional Gunsmith. Equiment to work on both the Officer Model and Government Model 1911. Unique design for ease of carry and easy to grip. All bits and tools are included inside the twist off handle.

Pro Tool for the 1911 features include:
Dual head
Barrel bushing tool
¼ " driver tool bits (4)
3/32" Allen hex head driver tool
T10 Torx head screwdriver tool bit
3/16" flat head screwdriver tool bit
Standard Phillips head screwdriver tool bit
Magnetized tool bit holder
Handle has rubberized textured panels

Weight: 4.2 oz.
Length: 7.4" without tool bit

 The 1911 Pro Tool has a dual head 1911-barrel bushing wrench for both the Government and Officer’s models. The barrel bushing tool is made from polymer and will not scratch the finish of your bushing or barrel.

The Pro Tool includes 4 each ¼” driver tool bits for working on your 1911. A 3/32” Allen hex head driver tool bit for grip panel bolts. T10 Torx head driver tool bit for grip panel bolts. The 3/16” flat head screwdriver tool bit is for the grip panel screws and bushings.

All the screwdriver bits fit into the magnetized ¼” tool bit holder. The 4 screwdriver bits can be stored into the 1911 Pro Tool handle. The handle has rubberized textured panels for a sure grip and comfort.

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