1911 Full Size Elite .45 Magazine 8 Round Stainless Lo-Profile Wilson

1911 Full Size Elite .45 Magazine 8 Round Stainless Lo-Profile Wilson

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Wilson Combat 500C

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Fits the 1911 Government and Commander. The ETM (Elite Tactical Magazine) has the strongest magazine tube yet developed, virtually eliminating feed lip cracking, tube spread and cracking, and general fatigue, - some of the most common manufacturing and/or age-related defects in other magazines. It has a longer body to allow for less compression on the magazine spring with no appreciable difference in size compared to a typical magazine. The observation slots, moved to the rear of the tube, are located exactly where they need to be to maintain the structural integrity of the tube for years and years of use. The innovative follower design with its extended skirt ensures stability in operation and minimizes creep from the tube when the magazine is empty. The ETM seats and locks in the weapon with the slide down - fully loaded. The base pads are removable for easy maintenance. Selecting the Correct 1911 Magazine: If the grips on your 1911 measure 4" to 4-1/4" long, you have a Government/Commander length grip. If the grips on your 1911 measure 3-1/2" long, you have an Officer/Defender length grip. Please check grip length before ordering.

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