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Product Description

Scope Mount for 1903 Springield. Includes S&K 1" High Scope Rings.

No drilling, tapping or major alteration. Guaranteed to hold zero. Can be removed and reinstalled easily. Includes 1" fully machined, horizontally split scope rings and is windage adjustable. Has bridge in rear. Use high rings if you do not grind bolt. Made in the USA of top-grade virgin metal.

Instructions for installation of the 1903 Springfield

The simple attractive and efficient design of this mount base makes it ideal for the shooter whom desires a fine mount but has little means with which to alter his firearm to accept a scope. To attach this base, proceed as follows:

1.    Disassemble the firearm, removing the barrel and action from  the stock.
2.    Remove the bolt from the gun.
3.    Take the receiver ring band we provided & spread it apart enough to slip over the barrel behind the rear sight. Squeeze it back together & install the 6-40 fillister head screw (the one with the screwdriver slot).
4.    Hold the INSTA-MOUNT base in your left hand with the bottom facing up, the slotted end facing away from you & the side cutout toward the right. The forked nut fits into the 3/8” counter bored hole near the slotted end of the mount. The slanted end of the forked nut faces away from you toward the slotted end of the mount. Install with a 10-32 x 5/8 flat head screw. Do no tighten yet.
5.    Place the INSTA-MOUNT base so that its front is raised about 30 degrees over the receiver and place it on your gun so that the forked nut on the bottom slides into the clip slot at the rear of the bridge. Now pivot the front of the base downward to allow the base to come into full contact with the receiver. Install the 10-32 x 5/8 flat head screw through the top of the mount & into the ring band. Do not tighten – leave quite loose. Place the special end clamp plate into the slotted end at the rear of the mount with the countersunk hole facing outward. Install the 10-32 x 3/4 flat head screw. Do not tighten yet.
6.    Tighten the screws in this order.
        The flat head screw on top of the base at the rear inserted into the forked nut.
        The flat head screw in the end clamp plate at the rear of the base.
        The flat head screw in the front of the base holding the ring band.
7.    Some inletting of the wood will be necessary under the INSTA-MOUNT ring band area of your stock. A Dremel tool works best to cut out the wood.
8.    If you desire to use a scope with a large objective lens, it will be necessary to raise the scope or grind the bolt. We can supply ring risers at a reasonable cost if needed. The mount is supplied with high rings to allow a scope with a small rear bell to be used. Normally the high rings work with most scopes.
9.    Install your scope on the gun before you replace the bolt to make sure the bolt will clear the rear bell of the scope when the bolt is placed into the receiver. If you choose to grind your bolt handle, be sure to allow enough clearance that the BOLT WILL NOT TOUCH THE SCOPE UNDER ANY CONDITION. If you find it necessary to replace your bolt with an altered one, be sure to have a competent gunsmith check the head-space.

Because some of these fine rifles show wear from re-finishing and other reasons, the clamping plate at the rear of the base has been re-designed to provide a “hook effect” when tightened. It may be necessary to grind or file a small amount off the bottom of this (make sure no more than necessary is removed) to clear the safety lug of the bolt.

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