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S&K Mounts 2365

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Product Description

No drilling, tapping or major alteration. Guaranteed to hold zero. Can be removed and reinstalled easily. Includes 1" fully machined, horizontally split scope rings and is windage adjustable. Use high rings if you do not grind bolt. Made in the USA of top grade military allan aircraft aluminum.

Installation instructions for the 1898 Norwegian Krag

To install this fine base on your Krag, please do the following:

1.    Remove barreled action from stock.
2.    The ring-band that holds the front of the mount to the receiver should be spread apart enough that it can be placed over the barrel just behind the rear sight. Make sure the lug at the bottom of ring-band will be pointed straight down when assembled. Squeeze the ring-band back together & put the 6-40 fillister head screw into the ring-band & tighten. Slide the ring-band onto the receiver behind the rear sight placing the 10-32 threaded hole of the ring-band on top at about the 10:30 o’clock position. The ring-band will fit the receiver with quite a bit of clearance. (On the Norwegian Jorgensen model it will be necessary to remove lip from front of receiver by grinding or other means.)
3.    Remove magazine step lever by pulling out to rear. Located by the bolt handle on the left side of the receiver.
4.    Place the pin that is part of the rear adaptor into the hole that was used by the magazine step lever.
5.    Place the #2365 mount base on left side of receiver. Situate the base so the special ring-band fits into the recess on the underside of base. Put the 10-32 x ½” flat head screw in place. Start threads but do not tighten.
6.    Pivot the mount base upward until it is level and snug against the receiver and even with the edge of the breech. You most likely will need a small c-clamp to hold the mount against the receiver tight enough to put the two socket head screws through the rear adaptor & into the two screw holes located at the rear of the mount. Both screws are 10-32 x ½”. Tighten these two screws.
7.    Tighten the 10-32 flathead screw at the ring-band now.
8.    Re-assemble the rifle. A small amount of inletting of the stock will be necessary in the band area. Now install scope rings, noting windage is provided in rear of base.

High rings are supplied with this base to hopefully eliminate the need for a new safety. A new safety might still be required if you have a larger that normal rear bell on your scope. If a higher than normal mounting is not objectionable, S&K riser blocks can be used, and the original safety retained.

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