Wilson Combat Shok Buff Recoil System - Commander

Wilson Combat Shok Buff Recoil System - Commander

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Wilson Combat 64C

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Product Description

Shok-Buff Recoil System for Commander

Package Includes:
1-416 Stainless one-piece guide rod and plug
6 Shok-Buff Buffers
1 Extra-Power Firing Pin Spring
1 Extra-Power Heavy-Duty Recoil Spring (EP)
1 Reduced Power Heavy-Duty Recoil Spring (RP)

Commander includes 20# EP, 12# RP
Recoil Springs Fit: B & M

Fits Colt/LW/Combat Commander, 1991 A1 Commander, Detonics ServiceMaster, Para Ordnance P-13

Due to varying recoil spring tunnel lengths on some brands of pistols ensure that your firearm is compatible with parts built for a 4.25” barrel Commander style handguns.

Recommended for Full size, but not under 5" barrel.  Will fit All Steel frame Combat Commander.

This high-performance recoil system is manufactured from the finest components to provide the absolute last word in quality and is an instant accuracy/reliability tune-up.

The full-length guide rod controls the recoil spring to keep it from kinking, which makes a smoother, more reliable functioning and longer spring life.

The original Shok-Buff recoil absorbing, poly fiber buffers prevent the slide from pounding the frame, giving longer gun life and softer recoil.

The combined effect of the match grade Wilson springs together with the smooth functioning full-length guide rod, facilitates a more consistent barrel lock up, resulting in improved accuracy.

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