**Wilson Combat Deluxe Commander Style Hammer Stainless - 45 Auto Part

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**Wilson Combat Deluxe Commander Style Hammer Stainless - 45 Auto Part

Item #: WS299S

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Manufacturer: Wilson Combat 299S
UPC: 874218000691
Weight: 0.50 pounds

Product Description

1911 Deluxe Commander Style Hammer - Stainless

A quality hammer is an essential component of a fine trigger job. The Wilson Deluxe Commander Hammers are skeletonized to provide a lightning-fast lock time without sacrificing durability. They feature ground sides and a narrow half cock notch like those found on the 70 series Colt hammers for maximum security. Minor fitting required. Glass Bead 410 Stainless Steel. Para-Ordnance models require a new sear.

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