**Ultimate Guide To Precision Shooting - Armed Response Training DVD

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**Ultimate Guide To Precision Shooting - Armed Response Training DVD

Item #: DK115

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Manufacturer: Armed Response DK115
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Product Description

The Ultimate Guide to Precision Shooting offers valuable tips and techniques for the novice and experienced rifleman alike. Whether you are new to the sport or are seeking to sharpen your skills, the Guide is filled with valuable insight on equipment, shooting techniques and tips for improving accuracy by one of America's foremost precision shooting experts. Length: 2hrs 21min. Content Includes: Rifles, Optics and Ammunition Precision Marksmanship Developing Ballistic Data Increasing Accuracy Shooting Positions Using Natural Point of Aim Supported Shooting Using MIL-DOT Reticles Estimating Range Wind Estimation & Compensation Reactive Targets Extreme Range Shooting Much, Much More! Major John L. Plaster, U.S. Army (ret), is a world renowned precision rifleman and firearms instructor, the author of six books and a regular contributor to The American Rifleman magazine.