**The Ultimate Sniper - DVD - Loti Productions

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**The Ultimate Sniper - DVD - Loti Productions

Item #: LTBC570

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Manufacturer: Loti BC570
UPC: 611597805703
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Product Description

The Ultimate Sniper featuring Major John Plaster USAR & Gy/Sgt Carlos Hathcock USMC. The Ultimate Sniper video is the dramatic visual compliment to the best selling book of the same name. In this film, Major Plaster takes you into the woods, and onto the shooting range for dramatic lessons in fieldcraft, marksmanship, and tactics. Join Maj. Plaster in a review of the latest sniper weapons, military and police camouflage, field gear and optics. Observe practical shooting drills used by professional snipers. Learn wind and range estimation techniques and the effective use of camouflage. Watch demonstrations of the principles of stalking, countersniping, and more. Major John Plaster is a US Army Special Forces veteran with over a decade of experience in training military. He is acknowledged as the country's premier authority on the subject of sniper fieldcraft, tactics, and training for both police and military snipers. "Ultimate Sniper" is one of the finest videos on tactical sniping and fieldcraft ever produced. 90 minutes. Videos that have been opened can only be exchanged for the same title. No returns or refunds. Defective tapes will be replaced with the same title only. Loti