**Small Ring Mauser Scope Mount - Swedish, 93,94,95,96,633,640,M38,Spanish - Includes Rings - S&K Mo

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by S&K Mounts. We do try to offer similar items when an item is discontinued by the manaufacturer.
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**Small Ring Mauser Scope Mount - Swedish, 93,94,95,96,633,640,M38,Spanish - Includes Rings - S&K Mo

Item #: SK2765

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Manufacturer: S&K Mounts 2765
UPC: none
Weight: 2.00 pounds

Product Description

No drilling, tapping or major alteration. Guaranteed to hold zero. Can be removed and reinstalled easily. Includes 1" fully machined, horizontally split scope rings and is windage adjustable. Made in the USA of top grade military allan aircraft aluminum. Mount sits off center by 3/8".

Installation instructions for the SMALL RING MAUSER

1.    Remove barrel and action from stock.

2.    Remove bolt.

3.    Closely examine the components of the mount. You should have (2) receiver clamp blocks, (1) mounting bar, (2) 10-32 x ¾ flathead screws and (3) 10-32 x ¾ socket head cap screws.

4.    Take the rear clamp block (the one with the clearance cuts on the two sides) radius side to the right. Carefully work it over the receiver in the area where the thumb notch is cut out on the rear left side and slide it rearward. The back of the right side cut out in the mount up flush with the receiver. Do this carefully – do not force or spread it. Install (1) 10-32 x ¾ socket head cap screw but do not tighten yet.

5.    Do the same with the front clamp block, slide to the front so that the holes in top of the block line up with the counter bored bolt holes in top of mounting bar. Now line front clamp up with rear clamp, parallel visually and install the other 10-32 x ¾ socket head cap screws but do not tighten.

6.    Install mounting bar, windage slot to rear, tighten the (2) 10-32 flat head screws and then loosen them 2 times.

7.    Tighten the two bolts in clamping blocks.

8.    Tighten bolts in mounting bar.

9.    Reassemble rifle, mark stock with a pencil where clamping blocks encircle action and carefully notch stock so that blocks do not touch it anywhere. It is important to do this correctly, so that stock will not split upon recoil.

10.    Following instructions found of scope rings and scope.