**SKS Type Recoil Pad Stock Extender - John Masen Black Warrior

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by John Masen. We do try to offer similar items when an item is discontinued by the manaufacturer.
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**SKS Type Recoil Pad Stock Extender - John Masen Black Warrior

Item #: BWSKS01

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Manufacturer: John Masen SKS01
UPC: None
Weight: 0.30 pounds

Product Description

Only fits Chinese SKS. These rubber recoil buttpads serve several functions: reduce felt recoil, provide a non-slip butt for the rifle, and increase the length of pull. Rough serrated face to secure hold. A non-slip recoil pad that also adds approximately one inch to the overall length of the standard rifle stock. Installation of this pad requires no fitting and uses the original butt plate screws. 2" Wide x 5.25" Long x 1" Thick. Black. John Masen Black Warrior