SKS Detachable 20 Round Magazine - Black - Tapco

SKS Detachable 20 Round Magazine - Black - Tapco

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Tapco MAG6620B

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Utilizing the latest technology and military grade materials, our 20 round magazine is newly designed from the ground up to enhance the capabilities of the SKS weapon platform. Incorporating a steel floorplate for maximum strength and horizontal finger grooves for a solid grip, this detachable magazine is a necessity for the serious SKS shooter. Designed to securely fit composite stocks, this magazine will work in wood stock variations with slight modification to the magazine opening. In order for the magazine to fit properly in the wooden stock version, the opening must be enlarged slightly for a proper fit. The bolt must be back in order to insert and remove the magazine. This item counts as 3 U.S. Sec 922R compliant parts. Lifetime Guarantee.

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