**Sig Sauer P220 P226 Replacement Recoil Buffer - Buffer Technologies

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by Buffer Tech. We do try to offer similar items when an item is discontinued by the manaufacturer.
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**Sig Sauer P220 P226 Replacement Recoil Buffer - Buffer Technologies

Item #: BTSIG1

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Manufacturer: Buffer Tech SIG1
UPC: 855727000167
Weight: 0.50 pounds

Product Description

Replacement Recoil Buffers for the Sig Sauer P220 and P226 pistols.
Recoil Buffers protect your firearm from the shock caused by the metal on metal impact of the bolt or operation rod with the receiver.  Each buffer is made from shock absorbing polyurethane and acts as a cushion to absorb this shock. Buffers help maintain your weapon’s accuracy and extend it’s service life. Installation is simple and requires no special tools. This Recoil Buffer fits 220/226 with a guide rod length of 3 5/16 inches.

Installation instructions for Sig 220/226 recoil buffer
1. Make sure pistol is unloaded.
2. Remove the slide from the frame, by disassembling per owners manual.
3. Remove guide rod and recoil spring from slide assembly.
4. Insert the supplied guide rod bushing into the slide. The flat side of the bushing will be towards the rear.
5. Replace the factory guide rod with the guide rod and recoil buffer.
6. Reassemble using factory recoil spring.