Shotgun Bandoleer - Holds 23 Shells - Galati Gear

Shotgun Bandoleer - Holds 23 Shells - Galati Gear

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Galati Gear GLB23

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Enjoy the hands-free convenience of the Shotgun Bandoleer. It holds 23 rounds of .12 .16 or .20 Gauge Shells in secure elastic loops. Load it up and put it on whether you are shooting at home, at the range, or in the field.

The bandoleer simply slips over your head and rests on your shoulder, for quick access to your rounds of ammo. It is constructed from heavy duty 2/25" military pistol belt webbing. The secure elastic loops keep your shells in each reach, but secure enough not to shake loose.

Will hold the following shotgun ammunition:

.12 Gauge
.16 Gauge
.20 Gauge

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