SG550 SG551 C-MAG Beta 100 Round Magazine Drum System - Clear Cover


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Beta MSGP26

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SG550 SG551 Beta 100 Round Magazine Drum C-MAG System - Clear Cover with Black Pouch
Have ample firepower with the Original Military 100rd Drum C-Mag Magazines from Beta Company.

For standard SG550 SG551 5.56 Firearms.

The complete C-Mag system includes:
100rd Drum C-Mag
Personal Loader
Carry Pouch
Tech Manual
Graphite Tube

These are 100rd Beta Mags originally designed for use by the US Military. Each twin-drum high-capacity magazine has a 60,000-round service life and can be stored indefinitely while loaded without loss of performance. Cleaning and lubrication are the only maintenance required. All C-MAG's meet or exceed all applicable U.S. and NATO Mil-Specs. 
Lifetime Warranty.

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