Magpul PRS2 HK G3/91 Stock - Black

Magpul PRS2 HK G3/91 Stock - Black

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Weight: 10.00 pounds

Product Description

The Magpul PRS2 (Precision Rifle/Sniper) - G3 model is a drop-in, precision-adjusting butt stock especially designed for the HK G3/91 rifle and variants. Installs easily with included hardware. NOT compatible with the HK heavy buffer. 
Compatible models include: HK91, HK93, HKG3, HK33, PTR91, SR9. Will fit Cetme backplates with some gunsmithing.

Adjustable for cheek weld height, length of pull, and cheek weld placement
Machined aluminum adjustment dials with positive click detents
Corrosion resistant stainless steel shafts
Rubber recoil pad with solid aluminum core
Adapter for sling/monopod mounting
Reversible QD front sling mount, and rear 1.5" loop 

Weight: 1.930 pounds
Retracted Length: 9.375"
Extended Length: 10.625"
Height Adjustment: 1.80"
Cheek Weld Placement Adjustment: 0.65"

This item or some of it's components cannot be exported from the United States of America without a valid export permit from the U.S. State Dept. Unfortunately this also includes APO addresses due to ITAR restrictions.

                 PRS2 (HK G3) Stock Install Instructions

Step 1:  Confirm Part Type

First, confirm the HK-type interface has been included. Any issues contact Magpul for a replacement stock at 1-877-4MAGPUL.

Step 2: Remove Original Stock

The PRS2 utilizes several pieces from the OEM stock. Remove original stock per armory guidelines and disassemble. Confirm that the parts are present: A. G3 Buffer Screw B. G3 Back Plate Assembly C. G3 Buffer, Standard.

Step 3: Fit Interface

Mate the PRS2 HK interface with G3 back plate. Note: This is a snug fit and may require light tapping with a rubber mallet to ensure the HK interface is fully seated in the G3 back plate.

Step 4:  Install Buffer

Drop G3 Buffer in its original hole through the front of the G3 back plate. Install ½” flat-head cap screw in top hole of G3 buffer through front of G3 back plate.

Note: The screw will form its own threads requiring additional force upon first installation. Install G3 buffer screw and large washer through rear of HK interface.

Step 5:  Mount PRS2 Stock Body

Drop square nut in slot on front of PRS2 body and mate with HK interface. Drop 2” flat-head cap screw through bottom hole of G3 buffer. Using 1/8” hex key, tighten until hand tight.

Step 6:  Install QD Sling Mount

Mount cover plate in right-side slot of HK interface and feed 1-1/8” button head cap screws through holes. Mount quick release plate in left-side slot, making sure side with smaller diameter hole is facing out. Tighten screws using 1/8” hex key. Parts may be reversed for left-handed users. Mount stock per armory guidelines. Have a qualified professional verify proper installation prior to loading or firing weapon.

Step 7: Shift Cheek Piece

The cheekpiece is attached to the stock by two screws and may be adjusted forward and aft to accommodate different users. To adjust, use a 1/8” hex key to loosen the top screws. DO NOT remove screws all the way as this may cause small parts to come loose. Shift cheekpiece into desired position and re-tighten screws with hand pressure. This step is optional and not required for complete installation of the PRS2.

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