**Poker Shoot Game Target 10 Pack - Oversize - GameTarget

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**Poker Shoot Game Target 10 Pack - Oversize - GameTarget


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Manufacturer: GameTargets GTPOKER
UPC: 94922620613
Weight: 0.80 pounds

Product Description

Fun and Shoot Game Targets. Enjoy fun competition and improve your shooting skills with these clever target shooting games. Perfect for a group of friends, weekend leagues or individual practice. Dimensions: 19" x 24". Pack of 10. The Poker Oversize Targets offer several games to play: Seven Card Stud Points awarded as follows: Royal Flush - 10 points Straight Flush - 9 points Four of a Kind - 8 points Full House - 7 points Flush - 6 points Straight - 5 points Three of a Kind - 4 points Two Pair - 3 points Read Em' and Weep 5 Shots - Best hand wins Texas Blast Em Empty full mag, best 5 card hand wins