Personal Home Defense Shotgun - Armed Response Training DVD Series

Personal Home Defense Shotgun - Armed Response Training DVD Series

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Armed Response DK113

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The shotgun is one of the most potent self-defense weapons available if you understand its role in personal and home defense and how to make the best use of its advantages. Home/Personal Defense Shotgun explores how to choose the right shotgun and ammunition, its proper use and applications, shooting techniques and range drills to maximize your defensive capabilities. Length: 2hrs 44 mins. Contents Include: Role of the Shotgun in Home and Personal Defense Maximizing the Useful Range of the Shotgun Ammunition Options and How to Choose Them Operation of Pumps, SemiS & Over-Under/Side-by-Sides Picking the Right Shotgun for You Storage, Ready and Engagement Modes Best Methods of Loading, Unloading and Reloading Shooting Techniques for Fast and Accurate Hits Managing Recoil Range Drills for Increasing Shooting Skills

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