Pepper Spray How To Use DVD - Armed Response Training Video Series


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Armed Response DK110

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Product Description

This DVD explores various pepper spray features, carry options, the legality of its use, along with techniques and practice drills for this vital, non-lethal weapon.  

Includes the following topics:

- Introduction
- What Is Pepper Spray
     Hotness Measurements
     Pepper Spray vs Mace
- The Effects of Pepper Spray
- How Pepper Spray Products Differ
     Spray Patterns
     Packaging Choices
     Safety Devices
- Grip Enhancements
- Carry Methods
- Appropriate Use of Pepper Spray
- How To Use Pepper Spray
- What To Expect When You Spray Someone
- What To Do After Spraying Someone
- If You Are Sprayed
- Tips For Using Pepper Spray
- Weapon Transitions
- Traveling With Pepper Spray
- Training Drills
- Live Agent Demonstration
- Review Questions

Length: 1 hour and 40 minutes

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