**Oversize 3 Point Tactical Sling for Collapsible Stock - Slings Only

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**Oversize 3 Point Tactical Sling for Collapsible Stock - Slings Only

Item #: FGAP15TSC

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Manufacturer: Slings Only FGAP15TS
UPC: None
Weight: 0.25 pounds

Product Description

For those who prefer a WIDER sling for weapons with collapsible stocks. Made with 1.5 inch webbing for more comfort and support, this tactical sling is constructed to comply with the USMC Combat Assault Sling Program Basic Requirements. This 3 point tactical sling is designed for the M16/M4 Carbine family of weapons. It is ambidextrous and can be adapted on most weapons. Length can be shortened for normal weapons carry when not in a tactical posture. It is fully adjustable so as not cause obstruction when entering into a Marine Corps marksmanship firing position. These 3 point tactical slings are constructed of 6.5 ft. polypropylene webbing material. This material is ideal for rifle slings because it is lighter but comparable in strength to nylon. These slings feature mil-spec plastic hardware for silent operation, a "quick release" system for rapid separation from the operator and a double cross-boxed stitch pattern to attach the tactical sling hardware to the webbing. A tactical sling positions a long gun horizontally or diagonally across the front of the body. The 3 point design allows you to carry your weapon "hands-free" taking weight off both your hands while still keeping the weapon quickly accessible. This facilitates quick weapon transitions between handgun and rifle. A tactical sling also makes simple tasks like reading maps and opening doors easier while maintaining control and accessibility of your weapon.