**Lights and Defensive Handguns DVD - Armed Response Gun Training Series

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**Lights and Defensive Handguns DVD - Armed Response Gun Training Series

Item #: DK106

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Manufacturer: Armed Response DK106
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Product Description

This DVD shatters the myths surrounding lasers and demonstrates how to get the most from your laser-equipped handgun. This thorough compilation covers the different types, advantages, pitfalls and proper use of one of the best defensive shooting accessories available. Includes a bonus section on laser range drills.

In this video you will:

- Learn how to integrate the use of a light with a handgun
-  Uncover methods for using a light in dangerous situations
- Understand why a light is invaluable for everyone
-  Discover various types of lights and which is best to carry for defense
-  Uncover the differences between incandescent and LED lamps
-  Determine just how bright of a light you actually need
-  Explore the differences in output quality
-  Understand the options for activation switches
-  Learn how a light can be used every day for personal safety
-  Discover the best shooting techniques when using a light
-  Understand flashlight tactics & why proper use is vital
-  Unveil the reality of using a light as an impact weapon
-  Explore different methods of carrying a light

1 hour and 5 minutes.