**Hand To Hand Combat For Police Officers - DVD

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**Hand To Hand Combat For Police Officers - DVD

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Product Description

Police officers are called upon to subdue suspects with their hands far more frequently than with their guns. In law enforcement, any hand to hand struggle is a serious situation-the potential for lethal force by either side is always present. Hand To Hand Combat For Police Officers teaches the skills needed by officers during face to face confrontations and arrests. The lessons in this video demonstrate the practical skills which enable an officer to maintain or regain control over an adversary without the use of a weapon. Learn how to overpower an assailant using wrist locks, elbow strikes, knee strikes, open handed blows, and other non-lethal techniques. Witness demonstrations of easy-to-hit anatomically vulnerable spots guaranteed to get your subject's attention. Find out the easiest method for weapon retention during a struggle. See the secret counter moves that professional criminals may try to use against you. Without the use of a bunch of fancy martial arts jargon, C. J. Caracci explains and demonstrates each technique in plain English. Hand To Hand Combat For Police Officers is a must see for every security professional. This video gives police officers the tools needed to not only survive a bad situation, but to prevail! Manpower and budget constraints often force many agencies to overlook the specialized training which can reduce risks to their officers and help limit liability to their department. This film contains the type of one on one training that most police departments either can't afford or can't provide. You owe it to yourself to learn the safe way to protect yourself. This is the tape series that could save your life. 105 minutes. DVD's that have been opened can only be exchanged for the same title. No returns or refunds. Defective tapes will be replaced with the same title only. Loti