Gunmaster Wooden Toolbox Universal Select Deluxe Cleaning Kit - DAC

Gunmaster Wooden Toolbox Universal Select Deluxe Cleaning Kit - DAC

Item #: DTTBX096W


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Manufacturer MPN:
DAC Technologies TBX096-W

UPC: 761903367552
Weight: 11.00 pounds

Product Description

This is a new version of the original GunMaster Wooden Toolbox with a larger cleaning kit and an extra drawer at the bottom to store all of your cleaning pieces. Inside the main compartment there is room for your oils and other tools as well as the two wooden cradles that fit snuggly into the interior slots to hold any long gun for cleaning. There is also a removable top tray with adjustable slots for other items and a felt lined lid for setting small items such as screws, tools and bolts on while working on a firearm. Includes a bonus cleaning mat. Cleaning kit contents: 2 sets of solid brass rods for .17 caliber through 12 gauge shotguns 1 GunMaster universal PSH handle 3 solid brass brush adaptors (rifle/pistol, shotgun & muzzle loader) 14 individual brushes (.17, .204, .22, .243, .270, .30, .357/38/9mm, .40, .50 calibers, 12, 20 &.410 gauge, .50) 10 individual mops (.17, .204, .22, .30, .357/38/9mm, .50, .54 calibers & 12, 20, .410 gauge) 4 plastic shot tips for patches (.22 & .30 caliber, .410 & 12 gauge) 2 sets of cleaning patches 1 polishing cloth 3 utility brushes (nylon, stainless & bronze) 2 choke/breech cleaning brushes (1/4" and 3/4") 2 double-ended small nylon parts cleaning brushes 1 double-ended pick 13 piece brass jag set Real Wood Box

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