Generation II AR10B 10 Round Magazine Steel - ArmaLite

Generation II AR10B 10 Round Magazine Steel - ArmaLite

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ArmaLite Generation II AR-10B magazines feature a spot-welded, heavy gauge steel body that won't distort when fully loaded and a contoured follower designed to ensure exceptionally smooth, reliable feeding. Parkerized, matte black. Fits ArmaLite AR-10B chambered in .308/7.62mm. Stainless steel springs, type 17-7 pre-hardened ASTM A313. Factory marked floorplate. Will only fit Armalite AR10B rifles, no other makes or models. Made in the USA. ArmaLite's new Generation II magazines differ significantly from the previous conversions. In the Generation II magazines, the bolt stop trip is formed outward from the steel follower of the magazine; therefore no internal spring is needed, and no spring resistance is created. The integral formed trip requires a wholly new magazine body that incorporates a channel at the rear to allow space for the trip. The formed bolt stop trip of Generation II magazines may not engage the bolt stops of many earlier rifles made before May 2006. These rifles will require a new bolt stop. The new magazines are carefully made to prevent looseness that can reduce reliability. Normal manufacturing tolerances result in a close fit in the magazine well that requires some magazines to be pulled from the rifle instead of relying on gravity to drop them free. This is a normal condition. For magazines for Armalite AR10A rifles see item numbers MPMAG290BLK, MPMAG291BLK and MPMAG292BLK.

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