FN FAL 7.62 100 Round Magazine C-MAG Clear Cover & Black Pouch - Beta

FN FAL 7.62 100 Round Magazine C-MAG Clear Cover & Black Pouch - Beta

Item #: BEM7FAL21


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Beta M7FAL21

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Product Description

Holds 100 rounds for the FN FAL 7.62. Clear cover with a black carry pouch. Military grade meets or exceeds all NATO MILSPEC tests. Will also fit the inch pattern lowers. Also includes personal loader, tech manual and graphite.

Fits standard weapon without modification. The advanced design of this C-MAG makes it the world's first magazine capable of providing a full 100 round capacity and can be pre-loaded and stored indefinitely. Military tested and approved. The 100-round capacity of the C-MAG drastically reduces vulnerability during magazine changes, while dramatically increasing survivability. Law enforcement and security operations find that the C-MAG magazine's high capacity and pre-loaded storage capabilities reduce loss of life and property damage. They also provide tactical sustainment and in turn, area containment . C-MAG is built to the highest international military production standards and meets or exceeds all NATO MILSPEC tests.

Rock River Arms LAR 8

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