**Close Distance Defensive Shooting Armed Response Training Video Series

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**Close Distance Defensive Shooting Armed Response Training Video Series

Item #: DK112

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Manufacturer: Armed Response DK112
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Product Description

Most gunfights happen at extremely close distances. While marksmanship gets easier as you get closer, the fighting becomes more difficult. 

The Close Distance Defensive Shooting DVD explores the necessity of changing shooting techniques based on the distance of the threat and demonstrates life-saving tactics against close-up, lethal encounters.

Content Includes:
- The Value of Target Focused Shooting 
- Training Drills to Increase Your Fundamental Shooting Skills
- Techniques for Shooting While Moving
- How and Why Shooting Needs to Change Based on Distance
- Techniques for Shooting from 5 to 1 Yards 
- Problems with Commonly Taught Techniques
- Best Solution for Contact Distance Defense
- Striking Techniques that Everyone Can Use
- Shooting and Fighting from the Ground
- Range Drills for all Distances

Length: 1hr 47min