**Ka-Bar Full-Size Black Glass-Filled Hard Nylon Sheath - Black - Kabar Knives

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by Kabar. We do try to offer similar items when an item is discontinued by the manaufacturer.
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**Ka-Bar Full-Size Black Glass-Filled Hard Nylon Sheath - Black - Kabar Knives

Item #: KB1216

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Manufacturer: Kabar 1216
UPC: 617717212161
Weight: 0.50 pounds

Product Description

KA-BAR, formally KA-BAR Knives, Inc. manufactures high quality military, hunting, sporting, and all-purpose utility, and outdoor survival knives.

The full-size black glass-filled nylon sheath fits and locks in most KA-BAR knives with 7" blades. The black glass-filled nylon sheath is MOLLE compatible.

Fits Kabar items:  1208, 1211, 1212, 1213, 1214, 1217, 1218, 1219, 1220, 1221, 1222, 1225, 1282

**Does NOT fit item 1271 or 1273
**Item 1317 fits but locks with retaining strap only
Approximate length: 14 1/2" 
Sheath: Made in Taiwan
Pictured with Black KA-BAR #1211, not included.