**AR15 M16 Skeletonized Hex Pattern 50 Round Drum Magazine - X Products

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**AR15 M16 Skeletonized Hex Pattern 50 Round Drum Magazine - X Products

Item #: 353X15HXPBLK

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Manufacturer: X Products X15-HXP-BLK
Weight: 12.00 pounds

Product Description

Fits most M16/AR-15 rifles, Bushmaster ACR, SCAR 16 and Stanag rifles with improved M4 feed ramps. Variants of this versatile magazine work in 5.56×45/.223 and some 300 AAC Blackout *. May require modification to work in Robinson Arms XCR. Will not work in IMI Tavor. No tools necessary to load or operate. 

This magazine is a skeletonized 50 round drum magazine with a Hexagonal P pattern and is one of the lightest weight AR style drum magazines available. The X15 is engineered around our proven coil magazine technology which allows side by side staging of ammunition in a single stack. 

The X-15 is shorter than a standard 30 round magazine and three inches shorter than a quad stack magazine. The user friendly ergonomics and ability to use a sling make this magazine ideal for 3-gun competitors, and prone shooting position. Manufactured of the highest grade materials which give it unparalleled reliability and strength. The critical components of the mechanism are coated in Cerakote eliminating the need for lubrication.

Using a patented tension relief device, the X15-HXP-BLK can operate for an almost unlimited number of spring loads and can even perform in weapons with capabilities of up to 1100 rounds per minute. The streamlined design allows for zero separation of the ammunition during operation which prevents malfunctions and allows for an exceptionally compact profile. 

Manufactured in the USA. Lifetime warranty. If you have a problem XProducts pays for the shipping, repair or replacement.


Ammunition - 5.56 x 45 / .223, 300 AAC Blackout.  X Products magazines are designed to work with NATO SPEC, full length, Full Metal Jacket Ammunition; Hollow Points and Soft Point ammunition may cause malfunctions.  300 AAC Blackout will work in the drums but due to them being designed around a 62 gr 5.56 cartridge, it is generally best to stick to the 208gr and down 300 BLK. 220 gr will work but causes added stress on the internals.

Rifle - Most M16/AR-15 rifles, Bushmaster ACR, Stanang Rifles with improved M4 feed ramps. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH IMI TAVOR OR ROBINSON ARMS XCR AND SCAR 16 due to the square bolt carrier. Compatibility: AR-15 / M-16 / M4 M249 / SAW / FN MINIMI Steyr Aug/Microtech Bullpup ACR All rifles with M4 cut feed ramps *May not work with standard rifle ramps. 



This magazine is designed to feed fifty rounds of ammunition into your firearm. The high strength aluminum housing is coated with Cerakote high tech ceramic paint for excellent scratch and wear resistance. The internal pieces are made of high strength aluminum alloys that are anodized to protect the internal assembly from wear and oxide coated steel for improved corrosion resistance to provide a lifetime of use. To power this magazine, a custom clock spring is housed behind the aluminum operating wheel.

Note about the fit and finish: Cerakote may feel rough to the touch, but it is one of the most wear and chemical resistant finishes. Also, Cerakote greatly decreases friction between parts. The finish should feel slightly rough, this is normal. It is also normal to have a small amount of movement between the housing halves. Due to variations in manufacturers, this magazine was developed to be a wear-in fit. Minor fitting and a break-in period are to be expected.


To load the magazine, the operating wheel must be turned in small increments to allow the insertion of each round. It is important to not over turn the operating wheel as doing so can allow the inserted rounds to fall out of the grooves.

Step 1:  With an empty magazine, turn the operating wheel clockwise from the front to compress the spring. This is best achieved by placing your left palm on the operating wheel. With your thumb anchored on the magazine tower, use your fingers to crank the operating wheel as you simultaneously apply pressure to the tower with your thumb.

Step 2:  While keeping the spring compressed, slide a cartridge primer end first into the gap created.

Step 3:  Slide the cartridge to the rear, and slowly release the operating wheel.

Step 4:  Repeat steps 1-3, however as the magazine begins to fill it may become necessary to push the previous cartridges down as you turn the operating wheel. This can be done using the next load cartridge to force down the stack while turning the hand wheel. 

For the correct angle, cartridge should be in line, or slightly elevated from the magazine. If this is not the case, turn the operating wheel slightly and depress the rounds into the magazine. Release the spring tension slightly faster and this should be the result. Additionally, jarring the magazine slightly with a firm tap to the rear can correct this issue. If neither of these correct this issue, lubrication may be required, please read the section on lubrication.

To function test the tension relief device, with a fully loaded magazine, the last cartridge should be able to depress 1/8" with finger pressure. There may be a slight click noise when this occurs, it is normal. If the cartridge does not move inspect the tension relief device to ensure that debris is not obstructing it, and that the spring is in position.

Due to the large amount of tension in the spring it is not suggested to leave the magazine loaded for extended periods of time. To unload the magazine, apply slight pressure to the operating wheel, similar to loading, and press the cartridge from the primer side out of the front of the magazine. Slowly release the operating wheel to bring the next cartridge to the opening. Repeat until empty.

Periodic cleaning can be done with warm soapy water and a nylon or natural bristle brush. The main area of build-up will be the feed area of the magazine and the first follower. These can be lightly scrubbed to remove debris then rinsed. Thoroughly dry the magazine with a lint free rag when done. If lubrication is required reapply on the next loading.

All X Products magazines are designed to operate without lubrication under normal operation. During break-in or after extensive use lubrication may be required to get adequate performance. Graphite powder and PTFE dry wax are the suggested lubricants, but regular light oil (gun oil) can be used. To apply a lubricant, start with an empty magazine. Apply a thin layer of lubricant to the top follower and each of the first 10-15 cartridges loaded into the magazine. Continue to load as normal, the motion of the cartridges distributes the lubricant thoroughly along the pathways inside the magazine. This should only be performed as required since lubricants can accumulate debris, impeding operation.

WD-40 or similar light oil/rust preventative can be applied to the clock spring during disassembly only, and to the kicker arm anytime.