**Sports Model 954 Air Soft Spring Pistol - Black

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**Sports Model 954 Air Soft Spring Pistol - Black

Item #: SDUA954BH

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Manufacturer: Specialized Distribution UA954BH
UPC: None
Weight: 1.05 pounds

Product Description

Simply pull the slide back to cock and load after each shot. Complete with one removable magazine, 100 pellets and instructions. Open Breech (movable action). Made of plastic. L x H: 197mm x 142mm Weight: 478g. Caliber: 6mm (.12g) (Metallic/ABS/Paintball) Capacity: 26 BBs Action: Slide cocking, single shot Energy: .4 Joule (m/kg) Velocity: 200 FPS Restrictions may apply click here to view all restrictions