**Special Operations Police Tactics DVD with Special SWAT Waterborne

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**Special Operations Police Tactics DVD with Special SWAT Waterborne

Item #: LT1013

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Manufacturer: Loti DV1013
UPC: 611597810134
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Product Description

Created to educate teams about proper procedures and advanced training tactics. This in depth DVD features battle tested techniques plus cutting edge police special operations tactics. This program includes stunning vehicle takedown drills utilizing motorcycles, ATVs, 4X4s and custom outfitted SUVs. This 1 hour & 45 minute tactical training tutorial covers field proven tactics, techniques, and theories used in high risk entry situations, including: - Large structure clearing using line flood - Large structure clearing using power flood - 3 Man entries using a shield - 4 Man entries using a shield - Leapfrog with shield - Linear entry techniques - Vehicle takedowns - Mobile hostage rescue - Moving on stairwells with & without shields - Last man call drills - Simultaneous hallway clearing - Rural operations This Special Edition DVD includes a bonus feature showcasing SWAT Waterborne Operations, including water insertions via high speed casting. The DVD format allows you to watch the program in its entirety or go directly to just the lessons you want to review.