**Handguns 101 DVD - Armed Response New Shooters Training Video Series

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**Handguns 101 DVD - Armed Response New Shooters Training Video Series

Item #: DK111

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Manufacturer: Armed Response DK111
UPC: 792695306634
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Product Description

Handguns 101, A Guide for New Shooters, explores everything you need to know about choosing the right firearm, its proper use, the safe way to shoot and range drills to build your skills. Whether your interest is in target shooting, defensive shooting or just having fun, Handguns 101 is the perfect guide to the exciting world of handguns. Length: 3hrs 18min. Contents Include: How Revolvers Work The Operations of Semi-Automatic Pistols Differences in Handgun Action Types Choosing the Right Handgun for You Ammunition Components and How They Work Safety Protocols and How to Apply Them The Correct Way to Grip a Handgun Aiming and the Perfect Sight Picture Best Methods for Controlling Recoil Range Drills for Building Shooting Skills Safe Storage in the Home