**Entry Team Combatives DVD

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**Entry Team Combatives DVD

Item #: LT1004

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Manufacturer: Loti DV1004
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Product Description

Entry Team Combatives program is tailored to the special needs of tactical entry teams. Most teams operate with at least 60 pounds of gear on per man. This added weight is fatiguing, besides limiting speed and range of motion. Common police hand-to-hand techniques do not work under these constraints. The DVD format allows you to watch the program in its entirety or go directly to just the lessons you want to review. - Learn Midrange, Close Range, and Grappling Range tactics that subdue - Master techniques based on momentum, leverage, and center of gravity, instead of strength. - Discover a realistic program that combines classroom and live fire drills to teach vital fighting tactics. - Study tactics specifically designed to be usable while wearing full battle gear. - Master high intensity street fighting applications When adrenaline flows, or the aggressor is high on drugs or alcohol, pain compliance often doesn't work. You will have to take the subject down to the ground physically. Entry Team Combatives teaches combat proven fighting tactics that effectively deal with such problems.