**Concealment Rig for 2 inch Barrel Autos - Horizontal Holster Galati

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**Concealment Rig for 2 inch Barrel Autos - Horizontal Holster Galati

Item #: GLHA1-1

Unfortunately, this item is no longer available for purchase. Use Promo Code: DISCONTINUED for 5% off any other item purchased at Galati International.

Manufacturer: Galati Gear HA1-1
UPC: 753182476438
Weight: 0.35 pounds

Product Description

Galati concealment holsters are the most versatile, adjustable rigs available. Each rig includes a shoulder harness, a holster and a pouch for two magazines. Fully adjustable to allow you to carry your weapon in the most comfortable position possible. The 2" closed trigger guard horizontal rig fits very small automatics including .22 autos, .25 autos, Colts Mustang, Govt. Model 380, AMT 380 Backup, Beretta 21, Jennings J22, Raven MP25 and FIE 25. Closed Trigger Guard. Horizontal Concealment Rig For Automatics. 100% Guarantee 2 Year Warranty