**CAMO Mosin Nagant Monte Carlo Stock - ATI Advanced Technology

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by Advanced Technology. We do try to offer similar items when an item is discontinued by the manaufacturer.
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**CAMO Mosin Nagant Monte Carlo Stock - ATI Advanced Technology

Item #: ATMOI0300C

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Manufacturer: Advanced Technology MOI0300C
UPC: 758152103031
Weight: 4.00 pounds

Product Description

Convert your Mosin Nagant into a modern hunting rifle - and now in Mossy Oak breakup Camo Style! This distinctive stock with its Monte Carlo style cheek rest, fits all models of 7.62x54R Rifles and Carbines. The stock is molded from black, glass filled nylon-marproof, scratchproof, and weatherproof. It features a checkered buttstock and forearm, rubber butt pad, raised cheek rest and sling swivel studs. Easy drop-in installation. Virtually indestructible. Advanced Technology (Camouflage Finish excluded.) Advanced Technology, Inc. warrants your product free of defects due to the decorating process for a period of 1 year. The warranty shall become void should your decorated item become damaged due to exposure to the prohibited chemicals listed below. Chips, scratches, and abrasions unrelated to a defect in the decorating process are not covered under the warranty. The status of defective decoration is at the sole discretion of Advanced Technology, Inc. What Kind of Chemicals Can Affect the Finish? The clear coat application applied to your product is very durable and will hold up against many environmental agents. However, there are a few things to note. Avoid the finish coming into contact with the following chemicals: DEET--Off Brand Insect repellent or other generic insect repellent. ALIPHATIC HYDROCARBONS--Mineral spirits or paint thinner KEROSENE, ACETONE, TURPENTINE--Present in some bore cleaners or other products advertised to remove fouling in your barrel.