**AK Galil Style Handguard - Tapco

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by Tapco. We do try to offer similar items when an item is discontinued by the manaufacturer.
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**AK Galil Style Handguard - Tapco

Item #: TASTK06310B

Unfortunately, this item is no longer available for purchase. Use Promo Code: DISCONTINUED for 5% off any other item purchased at Galati International.

Manufacturer: Tapco STK06310B
UPC: 751348063058
Weight: 0.50 pounds

Product Description

Influenced by the rugged Israeli rifle, this handguard improves your AK with added ventilation for reduced barrel heat. Having a wider grip area offers the shooter increased control for consistent shot placement. There is no need to replace or modify any parts on your rifle as this item simply replaces the original handguard. Installs easily and comes complete with removable top ventilation cover. Will not fit the Maadi 21" Barrel. Old Item #TA06310B. Using this item with Ultimak Gas Tube: This item can be modified to be used in conjunction with the Ultimak AK Gas Tube. Due to clearance issues, approximately 1 inch of each side of the handguard should be cut then filed smooth. This will allow room for the Ultimak's rail to accept optics.