* 20 Gauge Arbor for 223 Bore Sight - Osprey

Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued by Osprey. We do try to offer similar items when an item is discontinued by the manaufacturer.
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* 20 Gauge Arbor for 223 Bore Sight - Osprey

Item #: AS20G

Unfortunately, this item is no longer available for purchase. Use Promo Code: DISCONTINUED for 5% off any other item purchased at Galati International.

Manufacturer: Osprey AS20G
UPC: 858226001765
Weight: 0.10 pounds

Product Description

Sight in your 20 gauge with this arbor from Osprey. Must be used in conjunction with the .223 Boresight (purchased separately). You will save time and ammo while sighting in your weapon. Many additional arbors available. Five-year limited warranty. Aimshot. WARNING! Dry firing bore sight laser will VOID WARRANTY! WARNING! Laser may cause eye injury. Avoid looking directly into laser. Avoid shining at mirrors. DO NOT aim at any person or animalís eyes. Treat the laser as a loaded weapon! Always remember to unload your weapon before Bore Sighting.