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* CQB Clearing Tactics DVD - DOUBLE FEATURE with 911 Police Tactics

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* CQB Clearing Tactics DVD - DOUBLE FEATURE with 911 Police Tactics

Item#: LT1008

Discontinued by Loti

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CQB Clearing Tactics For First Responders

In a crisis situation, every decision you make must be worth your life. The First Responder faces a difficult choice: whether to act now or to wait for help. In a perfect world, backup would be immediate for the lone patrolman. In a perfect world, police would arrive before an intruder could harm innocent people. In real life, the situation dictates. Sometimes an individual must take immediate action to save himself or to protect others.

When dealing with an intruder in a confined environment, target practice alone canít insure your safety. To be effective, you must learn how to move safely and correctly. If you donít, you may become a target for your adversary. Police response time varies widely depending on location. And in the event of a large-scale disaster, there may be no response at all. Law enforcement pros rely on tactical skills and practice gain an edge against the criminal. This DVD addresses the tactics needed to prevail in real world situations.
- Using angles and architecture to your advantage
- Weapon manipulation
- Barricade shooting
- How to traverse thresholds
- Negotiating hallways
- The critical use of lighting
- Utilizing cover and concealment

BONUS!!! - 911 Police Tactics DVD
- Find out the safest techniques for clearing stairwells using two officers
- Learn the proper methods of clearing hallways using both the "train" and the "staggered" approach
- See demonstrations on how to negotiate different types of hallway intersections
- Witness tried and tested entry methods. Discover how to get in, dominate fields of fire, and safely clear a room

This is a double-feature DVD disk: CQB Clearing Tactics For First Responders, and 911 Police Tactics are on the same DVD.

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